Sea Dreams & Wave Borne

© 1989 Arlin Robins

Sea Dreams and Wave Borne were originally created for the foyer of the Mirage Resort/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility designer, Henry Conversano saw a smaller version of the mermaid at a fine arts and crafts show. He contacted me and commissioned the larger pieces to be re-designed for display in the hotel. Since these pieces were intended for a high traffic area I paid special attention to ergonomic considerations, pulling in the edges of the wave and incorporating the curled tail flukes to avoid barked shins.

 photos ©1989 by Michael Jhon

The two 4-foot mermaids and their companion dolphins were produced in approximately 10 months, from contract to delivery.

At first glance, you would think they were cast from the same mold, but I actually created two individual sculptures. Mr. Conversano's original plan was to position them to frame the entrance facing forward, so they were designed as mirror images. There are, however, subtle differences. The hands and faces are different and Sea Dreams has braids plaited amidst her strands of loose hair.

Each of these designs are also available as maquettes, at approximately 10 inches tall.

I will have pictures of them at my website, coming soon.....

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